Monday, 4 August 2008

I Love Knitting!

I learnt to knit about a month ago.  The lack of wedding planning in my life now that I am married left a creative hole that knitting has filled very well - I just can't stop knitting!  I carry my lovely new Cath Kidston knitting bag round with me just incase.  I am currently on my fourth knitting project but these are the two that I have finished completely so far.

My sister bought me a make your own socks kit before christmas when I said I wanted to learn to knit so I have finally made them.  I admit it took me two attempts to get them right as the first time you couldn't actually get them on your feet due to using the wrong casting on and off methods!  I will now force her to wear them.

All my other projects so far have been baby knitting.  The same sister is expecting her first baby which we know is a girl which gives so many opportunities for knitting tiny pink things!  So far I have made these little wool booties with lovely candy stripe ribbon ties.

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