Monday, 11 August 2008

Home sweet home

Hello,  its monday again after another busy weekend.

The husband and I did a bit of shopping for home things which is one of our favourite pass-times.

We have decided our living room needs an accent colour to go with all the cream and mushroomy brown and decided on a dusky pink.  We got this lovely soft spotty throw by Ditton Hill :

but unfortunately it is too pale to go with our other colours so it has to go back to the shop. Boo!  Its a shame because i really love it but the husband is right - it looks a bit insipid against so much cream.  The hunt will continue.

We also paid a visit to Laura Ashley one of our most favourite shops, as we hadn't been in for a while and needed a fix of lovely things!  We got a sample of beautiful wallpaper which we would love to cover a whole wall in but as we rent we are not able to.  Instead we have framed it to go on our bedroom wall above our new bed which will be delivered in 17 days!

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