Sunday, 22 September 2013

September seaside party

So firstly I'd just like to say that anyone who manages to organise a party and take beautiful photos of all the details has my total admiration.  Despite months of forward planning I was still running round like a headless chicken the whole time during Bea's 4th birthday party.  So that's my disclaimer for the not so brilliant pictures, here they are!

We went through quite a lot of theme ideas from Bea before she decided (with persuasion - she had some pretty crazy ideas) on a seaside party.

I of course started looking for inspiration on Pinterest (my board is here) which is where I saw the idea for lolly invitations.

My husband made a lovely sprinkle number four to match the invitations and I sewed up some simple paper bunting.

Instead of lots of chaotic party games we set up a few activities for the kids.  We had Catch a sea creature (bath toys in a paddling pool to catch in a net) which was suprisingly popular, Get a glitter tattoo, and Make your own windmill.  We also had a colouring table with seaside themed pictures to colour in, and we did pass the parcel at Bea's special request!

After all the fun the food was served in yellow boxes with a lolly name sticker on each.  The food in there was pretty healthy, to make up for the jelly and ice cream and ice cream shaped cupcakes that came afterwards!

I was really pleased with how these looked, and apparently they didn't taste too bad either.

Loved these mini honeycomb decorations from Ikea.

While the kids were eating we served fish and chips (from a quick dash to the chip shop) for the adults in cones.  The birthday cake was another wonderful creation by my sister - a sandcastle of course!

The party bags were mini buckets and spades full of goodies including a stick of rock and real seashell.

All the photos I took of Bea at the party are literally a blur as she was whizzing around having such a good time.  This one was taken before the party and is of her 'excited' face.  Her dress went with the theme pretty well!

Phew, thats the birthday parties done until next summer.  On to Christmas then!

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