Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ever grilled a cake?

Its the Husband's birthday today so yesterday Bea and I baked him a birthday cake. We bake together most weeks so this wasn't an unusual activity for us. As normal my priority was speed and simplicity to avoid complete destruction of the kitchen and Bea's priority was seeing how much icing she could get away with eating.

The mixing of the cake went quite well - apart from when Bea tipped flour on her feet - it was the cooking where things went wrong. I had turned on the grill instead of the oven. Luckily I noticed after about 5 minutes that the top was browning rather quickly but it may be the reason for the cake being flat as a pancake. It is green because Bea has allocated that as Daddy's favourite colour (apparently mine is orange!) and the writing is in red because thats what I had in the cupboard. That explains why it looks like some sort of halloween party cake. Also Bea's distribution of sprinkles is a little uneven but we hoped the sparkler thing would distract from that.

Hopefully the result is endearing. I'll be sending Bea to cake decorating school as soon as shes old enough. Although maybe I can't talk - I'm the one who grilled the cake.

1 comment:

Chloe said...

It looks very special!!
I'm sure he loved it!!!
(you're doing a great job with the sampler by the way)