Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cat In The Hat dress

Bea named this dress herself. We watch Cat in the Hat quite a lot at the moment and as soon as she saw the dress she said 'my cat in the hat dress!' I can kind of see why...

Please excuse the crazed expression in this photo - its what you get when you ask for a smile. And excuse the bluriness - I was laughing at the expression.

I made this little dress for Bea to wear for a wedding following the Junebug dress tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional.

I fell in love with the button detailing on the front and simple shape. I decided to make mine sleeveless as I thought with the stripes it would be a bit much so I had to construct my bodice differently from how she describes.

The tutorial was easy to follow and I'm really pleased with the way it came out, even if I couldn't get the model to cooperate!

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Rachel said...

I saw this on Flickr, it is darlinng!