Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Practical sewing

Since the summer has begun (sort of) poor old Bea has been suffering with getting very sweaty in her car seat. Luckily I have found a solution.

I used an old baby towel (the square ones with the hood) to make a car seat liner. I just took some measurements from the seat, cut out the shape and bound the raw edges.

She certainly seems more comfortable and I can just whip it out and wash it when needed. Has to be the most practical thing I have sewn yet!

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MakeEveryDayCount said...

ooooh ( i feel like a stalker leaving my 4th comment!) I will have to make one of these. I have the new Maxi Cosi Opal, as it's rear facing to age 4.

But I've found he's getting sweaty in it. What a good idea! ( you can also buy a complete towelling cover from amazon (priori) for about £17 to cover it all ) xxx