Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Sorry, did I forget to say I was going on holiday?

I do apologise. We went off for a little break to Spain with my sister and her family. We stayed in a little place close to Portugal and Seville and although I promise we did see some interesting things, and Seville is very picturesque, when looking through all the photos we took I have found that they are all of Bea. There are no landscape views or culture rich snaps. we appear to have spent the entire week taking pictures of our baby!

Oh well, I'll share a few examples of our holiday baby worship with you and you'll have to try and pick out any exciting scenery in the background, or just imagine the colourful sights and sounds of the old city of Seville. Sorry about that.

Bea sunbathing with Mama

Looking quite excited to be on the beach for the first time

We did try to make her wear these sunglasses to no avail

Its hard work being a baby

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