Monday, 15 December 2008

Our tree!

Let me introduce you to some of the temporary additions to our living room that will be joining us for the festive period:

This is our tree! The husband would have liked a bigger one but as I had to pick it up by myself in a fiat punto, 7' was about the biggest I could manage!  We decided to go understated with silver and gold for the decorations, with a couple of special pieces.

Like this crocheted angel from our favourite Cath Kidston!

We have also decided to start a new christmas tradition and picked out a glass bauble from Liberty.  We plan to do the same thing every year and build up a collection of lovely ornaments that will remind us of the year we bought it.  So this is the bauble from the year we got married!

We got this garland of white metal tree shaped lights from Laura Ashley and they look lovely round the mirror.  For some crazy reason there is no fireplace in our living room which we really miss at times like this so we just have to make do with decorating the mirror!

They cast a cosy glow at night.

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