Monday, 13 October 2008

A Friday suprise

So I saw this fantastic new Cath Kidston sewing box in John Lewis on Friday and just had to take a photo on my phone to send to my husband, as I knew he would appreciate the loveliness and would probably respond with the remark that it looked 'right up my street'.

What I didn't expect was to turn around from the oven on Friday night to see him holding said sewing box in one hand and a cute pink pin box in the other that he had been out and bought for me after work as a suprise.  

I then spent the rest of the evening arranging all my ribbons, buttons and reels of thread in the beautiful new box and stroking the strokable flowers on the lid.  It was a Friday night that was right up my street!

1 comment:

ruth said...

Lucky you! They're gorgeous! :)